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Breakfast at Hotel City Central
Start the day with breakfast at City Central

The team at Hotel City Central invites its guests with a relaxing breakfast buffet in the conservatory, which has an impressive pyramid glass roof. Each day from 6.30 am to 11.00 am.

It smells of fresh bread and crispy rolls. Choose from the offer of meat and ham as well as soft cheese and semi-hard cheese, something sweet with jam and honey or some scrambled eggs.

Fresh fruit and vegetables will give you the extra-kick of energy for your day as well as some cereals with milk or yoghurt.

In addition to the classic breakfast coffee; the lovely smell will welcome you already in the hall every morning; we also offer a first-class tea station will a great selection and an espresso machine. A melange or a small espresso prepared with freshly ground beans will definitely wake you up.

Early risers and guests who have to depart early will appreciate a "packed lunch" on request.

Room with breakfast in Vienna: Book your holidays at City Central - the charming private Schick hotel in Vienna. 

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